Welcome to my blog

This blog is life the universe and everything according to me and I have also written up some of my adventures. This post will tell you what is going on if you are new to being awake. It even tells you what that means.

I cover more or less everything and it ends with a video which tells you a little about our real history, more importantly it will tell you the exciting news about what is coming next. I wrote these posts sequentially but now re-write them as more information comes, I keep revising them all the time. If you read them you will get my present state of knowing. I don’t intend that you use my blog as a prop to make you feel good. It is meant to be a guide for you to do that for yourself. To that end I have stopped posting in the normal way but choose to post any when I like.

I don’t want or need anything from you. I share what I know with love.

Douglas Adams author of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was a few weeks younger than me, I can relate to him, we had a lot in common. He had a wonderful turn of phrase, ‘Life, the universe and everything,’ I would like to honour him by using it myself.

This my personal view of life, the universe and everything. It may be a little different to yours. It is a layman’s guide to what is going on here on planet Earth. You may think you know what is going on but I assure you, you don’t, neither do I. It is far too complex.

The Media

The mainstream media doesn’t normally cover most of the subjects I do but if they do they cleverly mix lies and truth to indoctrinate rather than to inform.  They mix real news with diss-information intentionally. You may notice they like to repeat certain articles especially if the relate to war, terrorists, climate change, pandemics. The later seldom if ever happen. Measles is just the latest scare. Most of the horror stories stem from pre meditated plans made by the same groups that own them. Climate change is just fake news and very easy to refute, these things which are designed to frighten you put you in the wrong.  Its simply a guilt trip to divert attention away from the fact that they a been blocking new technology which will completely remove all the problems. Have you noticed that they have stepped up the pressure recently? That’s because they, as in a few very rich old men, are losing control.

They warn you against fake news but they have a very different agenda than unbiased reporting. They commemorate wars and speak about remembrance for the participants but if you speak to anyone who has been in a war you find that veterans get a very raw deal and would rather forget. The media intentionally pushes a confrontational or warlike agenda not peace. I notice on the BBC they have a article about WWII, Nazis or some such thing about twice a week. That is for a war that finished over seventy years ago? It isn’t relevant or news to the vast majority of people. Other media outlets do something similar. They are constantly try to divide us.

Why do they do this?

If you follow the money you find that a very small  number of extremely elderly but very powerful people own all the main news outlets, actually they own nearly everything and are simply promoting their own agenda. It enables them to keep control. Journalists have very little say in what they write because the owners dictate what can be said. It is why so many honest people have left the news media.  The media wont tell you that because there are still those who are comfortable telling lies in order to get paid big bucks. More of them will be exposed as the media continues to break down. They keep telling the same old stories and with good reason they aren’t trusted any more except by the very gullible, those people who I term asleep.

When I talk about being awake that is a reference to awareness. People who are aware see through the media but that for the media is unacceptable, they ridicule anyone who dares to stand up and question them. That is the only thing they can think of to do, they accuse people of what they do. We become conspiracy theorist or fake news.

None of the pundits in the alternative media have the whole story either, they are all restricted by their awareness. They can only give you a view, their view.  We each of us can only see a little tiny bit of the picture. This is just my view but added to yours this may expand yours a bit. Hopefully it will also show you that life is about to change for the better…

This writing is based mainly on my experiences not just third party information, but use your discernment to feel your own truth. We all operate at different stages in our development. Where you are will determine what you can take on. I update my posts constantly because I get new information all the time. Nothing in life is static. It may be worth checking back occasionally and reading my posts again. I usually get attacked when I work on them which makes it hard but that also tells me that they are important.

Attacked? Hum…. perhaps I will leave that for later.

Why are we here?

Before I can answer that I need to define who we are. We are light beings having a human body experience. We never die even though our human body does or did. We are here to be part of a marvellous experience which I will get to in another post. Ours is a very complex situation.

Light is manifest love which is our true nature. We come here to learn, to experience. We also choose the what. We work that out with our mentors/guides. What will teach us best? What we learn also changes our collective awareness. We aren’t an isolate individual but form a vast group consciousness.

When we are born here we leave some of who we are behind, we forget. When we remember who we are that is waking up. It can take a while and although that knowing can be tenuous at first it gradually becomes stronger. That is our personal journey. How long it takes is dependant on each one of us.

Being awake

You probably know of someone who is a bit odd, who sees or hears things that you can’t. It’s not uncommon but has been frowned upon by responsible society. Well that’s me, I’m frowned upon constantly. That may indicate that you stop reading now, that’s fine I understand. There was a time when I would have done that too. Being awake means you know a little about what is happening on this planet which is what my posts intend to share. It is a responsibility.

Amongst other things I can remember quite a few different lifetimes and that has been very useful to me. I have drawn from that knowing. Even remembering past lives is a delusion to some people but the world we were born into is not as we are told. There is a complex under story.  Only take on what makes you feel comfortable. It doesn’t matter to me if you believe me or not. I am just sharing.

The first thing to understand is that life here is extremely complicated and many layered. It is hard to encompass all the information in a single post. I have purposely kept it very simple and have not gone into detailed specifics. You can research things for yourself and decide what you like. I am not trying to tell you how or what to think just giving you my perspective. Being awake also means being open to new ideas and understanding, We are here to grow but have been stifled – but I will get to that.

One thing I have discovered is that you cannot believe your, well anything, even your senses. Think of them as input from a rather clever virtual reality device. But that may not be what you want to hear straight away. Let’s take a more gradual approach and define things one step at a time.

Our Perception

What we perceive is not all that there is. Science tries to be objective and identify and categorise what it can measure and although that is an approach it doesn’t work very well with Creation because it is alive and keeps changing. All of it every small and largest part of it is sentient. The stars, planets every rock and tree has an awareness. Because you don’t feel this that does not mean it doesn’t exist. There are many worlds that interrelate; they coexist. Some are in other dimensions but they all interact with ours. Of what we perceive, what we can interpret is dependent on our personal level of consciousness. How awake we are. We all have different abilities and they expand all the time.

I have an an affinity with energy lines and portals and like to talk to rocks. I have interacted with a number of supposedly mythical creatures including fairies, elementals, dragons and have also spoken to our planet. I am clairaudient, clairvoyant and several other things that sound good but just mean I can perceive quite a lot. I am not boasting about it, that is just how it is. There is a downside to being sensitive. I have also dealt with dark creatures and malefic beings you really don’t want to know about. This is not a unique gift practically everybody has it to some degree but most people ignore it. I have always actively encouraged it.

I can and do experience things that certainly don’t fit into the general consensus of opinion. I glanced at someone the other day. I didn’t have any real intention other than looking at their energy. They were worried about harmful radiation from my laptop which I had just placed in their lap. I was looking to see if it was going to hurt them. I saw their chakras. They look exactly as they are described. It was a bit of a surprise, I had not seen them before but that sort of thing happens all the time. I can only go with it. One thing you need to take on is that we are all One, what I say about myself also applies to you. Your focus is probably directed differently, that is your personal individuality and is defined by your ego. Ego is a very good thing not bad as you may have been told. Everything we are told gets twisted around usually to mean its reverse.

Anything I can do, so can you.

I can do odd things but have no instruction book, I have no idea what I’m doing and have to work things out as I go along. I am dyslexic which means I am wired a bit differently but the hack has some distinct advantages. I am resistant to indoctrination and don’t fall for the mass programming we have all been exposed to. There is a trade off, because my brain doesn’t work in the conventional way most people would say that it’s damaged. I managed to learn to read and write fairly well – eventually but it took a long time. I still cannot spell.

None of this writing has been edited. It is what it is, all me.

What’s Real

Nearly everybody has a fixed view of reality. It is based on background, training, experiences and very many things. We establish a belief system based on these criteria. I don’t have one any more because I have had it torn apart. I do not use that word lightly. It has been very hard sometimes. I have no preconceptions. I perceive everything as fresh and new. Put me anywhere and I can feel the energy of that place and fix it if it needs fixing.

Most people don’t like it when what they consider fixed is questioned. They feel threatened. That is intentional and an important part of our programming. We live in a world that has been manipulated so that we conform with set responses. If we don’t then we are trouble. Believe me, I am serious trouble.

Let me give you an example; Conspiracy theory.

We are programmed to switch off with just those words. That programming is everywhere. If it’s all rubbish then why bother to deride it?
We, as in humanity, are waking up slowly and starting to see beyond the lies. The conspiracy theorists now do sell out tours in the largest venues available. People can’t be fooled any more but fooled by what?

The Conspiracy

The control system we live in is many layered and uses fear to control us to keep us confined within narrow limits. One of its main components is money.

Prior to money there were other controls but they didn’t work as well, serfdom and slavery require strong physical restraints. To restrain people requires lots of guards. Guards can be overcome or corrupted and that happened.

Money is much safer, you can control it remotely. It is just an idea, a clever idea that regulates us within fixed and very narrow parameters. We are taught that in order to survive we need to generate income. It is a more sophisticated form of slavery in that it allows us to believe that we are free, the restraints are self imposed; I can’t do this because I can’t pay for it. A very simple formula.

That is all nonsense we can do anything we like. I created great wealth for myself with just a thought, I manifested it. I made myself a multi millionaire for a few years but I also did the same to remove it. It is of no real value. It is an illusion and ties you into the control system very deeply. Your fear level increases as you accumulate. If you get very rich you will be threatened. We, as in the business I had co-founded, had the potential to make billions not just millions. Our projected income was enormous. The technology we created would have been added to every mobile device.

At that level of money there are no rules. It is a free for all, contracts and agreements mean nothing. In the end people started fighting over who owned the project before it was even finished. I decided I didn’t want anything to do with that and walked away. They didn’t like that. The ideas we had are now used by everybody almost every day. It has been watered down in order that the corporates reap the benefits. The original idea excluded them intentionally.

Most of us live chasing a carrot that we will never reach. Having bitten the carrot good and hard I found that it is rotten and definitely not worth the struggle to get to it. You loose far more than you gain. It is rare to find a rich person who is happy, healthy and wise. They seldom enjoy life but we continue to chase the myth, still wanting it. That is our programming, what we have been taught. It is not real. We don’t need it.

That is only my opinion but as I say I did try it.

How it is at the moment

The flow and value of money can be regulated and modulated quite easily. Banking, stocks and shares, foreign exchange; they are all fiction. Unfortunately most people believe in them which is why it still works, although it is breaking down. Who controls the money controls almost everything; religions (yes all of them, have you noticed how wealthy religions are?) the media, politics and entertainments, you name it they own it. That means they decide what they want to do with them. They do that with no thought of how it will effect us. They, who are only a small minority, dictate anything to do with money.

These areas of life far from serving us are used as controls and programming tools to get us thinking in the way that the control system wants. Most technology is part of that infrastructure and has been contaminated. The media is an important propaganda tool. The entertainment industry is full of subliminal commands and highly toxic emissions that reduce our natural abilities. Religions do many things but are mainly used as a way to separate rather than unite us. They have been twisted rather cleverly. They reverse their founders intentions. Not something you want to hear perhaps but that is how it is at the moment.

Look at computer games, they have desensitized whole generations to senseless violence. We accept what we see every day but these things have been designed to keep us under control. There is method behind the madness.

Keep away from the cinema, don’t watch TV, videos, play computer games or read any news media for a few years and it wears off. I can vouch for that. I have lived without all of it for decades. I am still in the know and probably more informed than most but I am careful what I ingest. I know this isn’t easy but I assure you it is worth it.

Try it if you don’t believe me. Take an hour, a day, a week, a month and see how it effects you. You wont know until you try.

I went to a cinema recently to check out some video adverts that I had made for an artist friend of mine. I don’t remember the last film that I went to see. Although the main feature was a comedy and relatively harmless it was filled with negative imagery that I found extremely shocking. The trailers for coming features had my hair standing on end. They weren’t even subtle any more, they projected something really nasty. My whole being reacted. Fortunately they were only very short. I have been exposed to the worst and have dealt with it but would not be able to maintain my balance exposed to that on a regular basis. These methods used to control us are not working as well as they did and they have upped the levels. They will stop working altogether soon because we are all changing.

All this mayhem is out there to control us but by whom?

These beings have lots of names but you will find them at the top of any pile. I wont call them people because at the very top they aren’t human. They control others who work for them, they are the global elite, the 1%, the dark cabal, the military industrial complex, the hidden agenda, the Illuminati, the shadow government, the black nobility, one world order, one world government. There are many names and many factions within these groups and through them these beings control everything. They are only the physical representatives of these other beings who control them. They do that very harshly.

The ones we can see have been created, are hybrids and only part human but they hold the power, well for the moment they do. That is changing, surrender negotiations are happening with most of these groups but not all, some will never surrender. Their controllers are another story and have to be removed. They are trapped within this solar system and cannot escape. They will be taken away. They are the last and there are not many of them but they are powerful and have some very nasty technology. Their commanders have long gone actually they changed sides.

The hybrid human controllers don’t all have physical bodies like ours but can feed off our negative emotions and feelings. They live in another dimension but have a vested interest in our suffering because it is their food supply. They can visit here for short periods but can’t stay because the vibration is wrong and doesn’t suite them. This is only part of the story but it is useful background information.

The controlling faction are disconnected from the source of all that is and although very clever that means they have no creativity. They can only manipulate what has been created. They like to regiment and follow fixed pathways observing a strict hierarchy which is pyramidal. It is why the world is uncomfortable for the vast majority of people. It is too rigid. It doesn’t evolve and grow. They have imposed their own patterns on us. Survival of the fittest, divide and conquer, patriotism, these things are their ways not ours.

Art and music have no value to them other than as a commodity. They have reduced the value of creativity to their way of thinking which is all they are capable of. You notice this most in education particularly at a tertiary level. Our finest minds are taught to be objective and have no real understanding of subjective experience. Creative people do the opposite and become one with all of creation. The controllers discount them because they can’t do it and can only follow the pattern that has been imposed on them. Even our history has been distorted. Most of what is taught is a fiction. See His story.

The majority of academics loose their link with Source because they try to reason everything and is a very strong individual who bucks the system and uses their creativity. They become pariahs or sometimes are labelled genius,  if they do something really useful. They are simply following their nature.

The emotional body has very fine senses but the hybrids don’t have a refined emotional body and it is usually broken in order to control them, control being essential to their masters. They restrict our options because they serve themselves not others. We have far more ability than them which threatens them. They become ruthless when opposed and are completely amoral. They will do anything to remain in control.

Freedom is not a political issue.
It is our birthright.
It is who we are.

Untangling the web of lies is almost impossible. It is totally corrupt at every level and human rights have been removed. It all needs to be replaced. That is already happening but I will get to that later .

Who you are has nothing to do with anything within our present control structure. Freedom is your unalienable right and is your rightful heritage. We all have free will. Nobody can take that away from you apart from you. If you don’t give your free consent then you are inviolate. The control structure has been designed with this in mind and most people are coerced daily to give their power away. When you decide NO that is not what you intend then there is nothing anyone can do. You have the full support of natural law, the rules for this part of creation. Before I get into the big undo how did all this start?


All of creation everything in existence and its potential all comes from the same place, usually referred to as the Source. You can visit it any time you like, it is what happens when you meditate correctly. We have been designed to do that. Our bodies, all of them, are designed to be connected all the time. We were perfect prior to some interference which I will come to shortly. We all had this connection. We will be connected again. You can connect daily.

If you don’t know how to meditate then it is well worth learning. I don’t recommend any particular system because that is up to you. You need to find it. It is an easy thing to manifest.


A word about Gurus. Gurus have an agenda.. If they are authentic then their agenda is benign, embrace it. They came here to raise our consciousness. They may help you but don’t expect too much. It is kindergarten, they help the masses and train their followers to do the same. If you want to grow really fast you do that on your own. They are able to assist and give you a good start but really it is all up to you. I know people who have dedicated their whole lives to following a particular teacher. After fifty years they haven’t grown very much and are still more or less where I left them thirty odd years ago. They are wonderful people and have an inner stillness but they haven’t really grown and most of them live insular lives and haven’t got a clue what is going on. The ones I interact with occasionally can’t relate to me any more. I am not who I was when they knew me but unfortunately that is how it is.

I followed exponents of vedic wisdom for over thirty five years. The knowledge is there but somewhat stylised and not my thing. I like things to be clearer. That doesn’t mean it has no value for me just isn’t my focus. I had Lord Krishna dancing in my heart for many years. He was put there by Mother Divine. She has appeared in front of me twice now. These are experiences I value but I value them only as much as any of the others.

The Vedic path

The Vedic civilization was post Atlantis. The Seers brought in knowledge and wisdom but that has been corrupted by the them that control things. It is no longer pure knowledge. There have been revivals and good teachers but like everything take the truth as you find it. It is not of Earth origin. Lord Krishna was from the Sirius star system which is why he is shown as blue.

All wisdom stems from the source. We live in an intelligent universe.

Osho came from Sirius too, he was an evolved soul and one of our star brethren who incarnated here. Gurus are not omnipotent they as vulnerable as we are. Osho was killed. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was poisoned and according to Deepak Chopra only just survived. Ravi Shankar is no fool and has trusted devotees who are also trained body guards around him most of the time. The ruling elite really don’t like gurus. They kill or ruin their reputations any chance they get and are pretty good at it.

The Anomaly

All of creation was created perfectly but oops an imperfection appeared, this anomaly was the opposite of the rest of creation. The resolution of this anomaly is what is happening now. Not just here but in all of our galaxy, perhaps all galaxies, all universes, there are 7 in our cosmos. It’s huge. The dark side formed at the same time as the light and has been at war for millions of years ranging across many galaxies. This may sound fanciful and obscure but it effects us greatly because we are at the centre of what is left of this anomaly, in the last tiny pocket of it. When we get sorted so does everyone else. This again is just background information.

Up until relatively recently life on Earth was great. Humans and other beings like the Cetaceans, who were here long before us, have lived here happily for a long time. The present wave of humans first arrived about two million years ago, there were others here before us. The Cetaceans are the ones who very many millions of years ago requested that we be given full consciousness in order to assist them by stewarding the land. They took care of the oceans and seas. At that time we were amphibians, we still have traces of those traits in our physiology. This explains our link to dolphins and whales and why we feel an affinity, why we like them and they are interested in us. They are wondrous creatures and far more than we know. They are multi-dimensional beings too.

We were invited to come to this planet to assist. Many star beings came from all over from several different star nations. I remember coming here and looking down at the Earth from space. At the time I was a 3D artist who liked to work in zero gravity. I later became an Earth Keeper and was powerful and therefore became a target and was killed by the invading hostile forces. The trouble started a relatively short tens of thousands of years ago towards the end of the Atlantean era.


Atlantis was a real place, is a real place although for the moment it is mostly under the Atlantic ocean. Continents float on a gas mantle, pierce it and they sink. It is not an easy thing to do because it requires huge amounts of energy but that is what happened. There is plenty of evidence for Atlantis if you look. A massive cataclysm that caused a huge tsunami and flooding is still there in the geology of the planet. That event happened nearly thirteen thousand years ago about 12,860 or there abouts. The last ice age ended about 11700 years ago. Indicators are then that the aftermath of the cataclysmic event lasted about a thousand years. It would have wiped out nearly every living thing on the planet. Atlantis has been repaired and has been rising again for quite a long time now. The evidence is in the ocean. Pyramids and other structures have been found that weren’t noticed before. I remember living there. It was a very good place at first. I lived by the sea and was a cross between a judge and a priest. I was important locally because I ruled on infractions and disputes. I could tell if someone was lying using my psychic abilities.

Atlantis was a colony, an expansion from another colony based in the Pacific. You may know it as Lemuria or Mu and is where I was an Earth Keeper. The original colony spread out all across the globe but unfortunately after a while Atlantis was infiltrated by the negative representatives of the anomaly. The end of the Atlantean era was harsh and when they eventually blew themselves up they damaged the Earth severely. We have not been allowed to know our real history. Talk about Atlantis is ridiculed in spite of all the evidence. History that is over 10,000 years old is not encouraged. There are reasons for that. If we knew our origins we would start to notice the pattern of events because it has been repeated. That is what dark beings do, they can’t do anything new.

Atlantis sank in a cataclysmic event that effected the entire planet for a long time. The powerful fled into space. The majority of peoples that live around the edges of the Atlantic are descended from those that managed to escape to other lands near to the equator or underground. All the native Americans on the eastern seaboard, the Irish and the other Celtic races like the Basques are descendants of Atlantis. The odd stuff in Egypt was originally built by Lemurians and later by the Atlanteans and many of them fled there when it sank.

Those in power in Atlantis at the end were not good people they had been badly corrupted. The rest of the planet disapproved of them but they took some drastic action. They were powerful and they took the planet over and reduced the rest of the population by interfering with our DNA. They were responsible for some very crazy stuff; they atom bombed the Indus civilisation and destroyed the continent of Mu. They have been causing bother for a long time. Rather than let it escalate into a huge inter galactic war again an agreement with the good guys from the rest of this galaxy was made.

The bad guys were left alone and got to play here for a fixed period. It gave us the population a chance to learn what that was like. That period ended towards the end of this last century and a new agreement was reached. The beings involved packed up and left, actually changed sides. Their minions were told to do the same but didn’t, not only that but they invaded. They managed to open dark portals. There was one in the Congo and dark beings poured in. They don’t respect agreements. All the recent mayhem that spread out over Africa is caused by and part of that invasion of mainly reptilians in human bodies. It has required a huge clean up operation. The dark ruling elite doesn’t like black people for some reason. They really don’t like them and have been trying to kill them off using inoculations to spread AIDS, (see alchemy). They aren’t keen on Asians either and spread SARS which was genetically modified to attack Asian body types.

Actually the don’t like anyone different to themselves and have killed off a large numbers of native peoples. They are an extremely hostile group and even fight with each other. That for them is normal; the survival of the fittest. It may come as no surprise to hear that Darwin’s father was a leader in the control group and it was them that financed all his voyages.


Our liberation has been planned since the middle ages and implemented over the last two hundred and fifty years, if not far longer. It is part of the Divine plan for us and will happen regardless, nothing can stop it. We were interfered with and that is going to be redressed. I first came across it in the late 1990’s when I was invited to participate.

In creation, the bit without the anomaly, all is working as it should. You might call them the good guys but there are layers within layers. Everything works together and we all evolve and grow. The drunk or heroin addict today can be a solid citizen tomorrow. It is a choice. You have no idea which side you have been on unless you remember all your other lives. That is very two edged. We learn by being, wearing a white hat one day then a black hat the next.

Dark beings can grow too. Some of them have but not all. The ones that are still here have been given a choice. They can surrender, come over to the light or be reprocessed. That is a last resort but if they refuse to change they will go to the galactic central sun and start again from nothing.

The focus of all creation, for us at least, emanates from the heart of our galaxy from its central sun. That is where the changes are coming from. It has the highest degree of awareness. The beings there are the most evolved. New energy is being fed to us from there and through our sun to each planet not just us. All of creation is alive, every single thing. Rocks, planets, stars all have awareness. Scale is the only difference.

A wave of new energy is headed towards us it cannot be stopped. When it hits we will change. Fear will be removed. It will initiate a massive change. Before I go there lets consider our planet.

If our planet is alive, a living being, the Earth her body then can we communicate?

Definitely yes.

I do it occasionally. Not in a mystic airy fairy, new age let’s bang a drum way. I don’t need to go into a trance but focus clearly on her and talk in exactly the same way we talk to each other but I don’t speak aloud. You need to get her attention first which requires a certain need and clear focus but it’s not hard. You are telepathic even if you don’t know that yet. It’s not easy between humans, there has been interference which has turned it off or rather unlinked it from our awareness at the lower levels of creation but it is your potential. Rise higher in your personal awareness and it works. Telepathy is direct thought transference which is actually much better than words because you can use many simultaneous transmissions at once. They cannot be misinterpreted. Languages are not necessary and were introduced to further divide us. Like us our planet is changing and she has gone beyond my normal comprehension. I can still get to her occasionally but have not done so as often I was used to. That may just be me.

The role I have means that I sometimes forge way ahead and at other times lag far behind. A bit like a sheep dog perhaps but I have a different role. I mainly do garbage duty. I clean up energetic mess. It leaves me a little battered sometimes, not as clear as I would like. When I speak about ahead or behind I am talking about time.

Time is not fixed or linear and I find it is quite flexible. I can put my awareness anywhen I want. I clean up the crap sometimes in front sometimes behind us. I do this at an energetic level. That started with resolving the energies within my own family but has expanded right around our world. I now live about as far away from where I started as you can get but like time, distance doesn’t mean anything to me. I can Be anywhere with my awareness. We can all do amazing things.

Mother Earth is built like us but she is unbelievable in what she has put up with. The second world war was her last straw and she had definitely had enough. She reached out and requested assistance.

There were three main groups who came here to help her.


The first were souls who incarnated onto the planet into human bodies. This began in the late forties early fifties. I am one of them. We came into human bodies to work from within and are the advance guard of the consciousness revolution. The ground forces. We are light workers, light warriors and light holders. We all serve but have slightly different roles. I am a Blue Ray Star Being. We came in as garbage collectors to transmute the energetic mess and create balance. We lead by changing the reality around us often just by being here but we do things too. Weird things when compared to conventional life perhaps but we work in many realities. We each have a mission which can change as we go along. We have to be flexible, we smooth the way and help clear the path for everybody else. We all work together towards a common goal even if we aren’t aware of it.

Our collective awareness is the sum of all its parts. The more powerful you are the more you effect those around you. Only the very best were chosen to come. All the light focused humans are very powerful indeed. We have made a huge difference. If you are reading this and have got this far it may well apply to you. We mostly come in without any knowing of who we are. There are reasons for that. We wake up or become aware of who we are when the time is right. It can be dangerous and until you are ready it is better to appear quite normal. Now is a big awakening for all the peoples on the entire planet. This awakening is why we came. It is very exciting. It will not be dangerous, the danger has nearly passed.


The second group of helpers were already here. The Earth is not a solid ball, there are large and extensive dwelling places deep under ground in huge caverns and vast open spaces there. Our planet is not a single dimension, there are multi dimensions everywhere. They coexist. The people who live there are not subject to the hostile influences that are on the surface of our 3D world and have never been influenced by the anomaly. One of these groups are the Agathans but there are others. When Mu or Lemuria was destroyed many of her people escaped into the Earth. They evolved more quickly than the surface dwellers because they never forgot who they were. They are able to move amongst us and hide their true identity. They are not quite the same even though they are our relatives. They are how we used to be before we were adjusted by the late Atlanteans.

At the moment we have limited access to our full potential. It is still there but switched off. It accounts for the 98% junk DNA which science has identified but doesn’t understand. DNA is actually not that important but it is an indicator. The Agarthans have their full potential active. Ours is being reactivated.

Don’t confuse the Agarthan races with the underground bases of the military industrial complex as it is sometimes called. Yes there are bases all over the place including on other planets and their moons, including ours but they have mostly been cleared of hostile forces.

There is a lot going on below and above the surface of our planet. There are many bases underground and a high speed train system that connects them. It travels very fast in vacuum tunnels at thousands of miles per hour and covers the entire planet. There are stations under most of the major cities. When I lived in London I knew someone who used it. There is a station under Paddington, below the underground. It took him about fifteen minutes to get from London to his home which by normal means would have taken more or less a full day of travel. That railway system used to be controlled by the dark but it has been liberated.

The Galatics

The third group of help are some of the most powerful, they are the galactics, our brethren from the stars. They have been here for quite some time, decades now. I first interacted with them in the early 1970’s. They have been instrumental in preventing major tragedies by using their superior technology to counter attempts to damage and destroy us and Mother Earth. That includes preventing nuclear attacks, like the recent ones made on Hawaii and Japan. A nuclear warning is always real. They removed these threats harmlessly. They are from a number of different galaxies and form a confederation. The galactics are subject to Divine will and take that very seriously. They don’t interfere unless they are guided to. The unfolding of our rescue has a timetable that cannot be pre-empted or stopped. There will be no bloodbath or disasters.

Their technology is light years ahead of ours. Their ships are intelligent life forms and some of them are over a million years old. They brought our original ancestors here in the first place, as I said earlier I remember that.

A few of their ships are so huge they have to stay outside of our solar system otherwise they will effect it with their gravity. They can be seen by telescope and are somehow keeping in a synchronous orbit even thought they are two light years distant.

There is plenty of evidence for smaller craft. Some of them are Agarthan some belong to the dark military, some to the galactics. I can travel with my awareness and have seen the ships that are in close proximity to our solar system. I even boarded one. I was treated with respect, they could perceive me even though I was not in a physical body. I had just been into a black hole to see what it was and was a little distracted so I didn’t stay there long. I have also seen quite a few smaller craft which are fairly common in New Zealand. One was early morning in the summer in broad daylight. It was huge and was visible long enough for me to go and wake someone else to come and see it.

The Spiritual hierarchy

In addition to these three groups of helpers there are also the Earth’s spiritual hierarchy. There are higher beings Angels, Archangels, Elohim assigned to our planet, solar system, galaxy but there are also humans who have evolved beyond the limits of a physical body. Sometimes known as the Ascended Masters they are given many names. You probably know several of them Budha, Christ and many more, the founders of major religions. They are leading the whole process and liaise between the different groups and lead the many different people who are working for the change. St Germain as he is known is one of the major players and he serves the West. I have been in his presence many times. I like his sense of humour. There are many others some are female, Kuan Yin serves to head the East. There is balance.

I say this all the time we are not our human bodies male or female we are light beings having a human body experience. Gender is a choice. I can remember lifetimes in both male and female bodies. It is not that relevant to who we are other than it is the vehicle we are using for the moment. The distortion to a chauvinistic patriarchy is part of the mess created by the control system. The balance was out of wack but is being redressed. Feminism was a necessary part of that process but isn’t particularly useful any more being an imbalance of itself. Anything that creates division is no longer useful. We need to combine our energies. We all have male and female attributes. We are One. To enjoy our wholeness we have to let go of the past and embrace more advanced ideology.

Ouch perhaps but get over it.

The feminine role is very important and the Divine Feminine is coming in to our planet at every level. That is what is causing the changes. To embrace it fully requires another choice. You have the freedom to be who you are but it has nothing to do with gender or gender roles.

The Resistance movement

The changes are being orchestrated by many but there is a group who has taken a major role. They came here by planet which is now orbiting on the edge of our solar system. There is a lot of disinformation about it. The resistance movement also comprise ordinary humans incarnated on Earth. They are in human bodies but some remember who they are and that they came from other star systems. There are many ordinary people who have joined them. These are people from within the military and banking worlds all around the globe who are working for a change and that is what is happening now. Even some people from the ruling elite families are helping create the change. We live in momentous times but the status quo although breaking down is a colossal enterprise.

For example, all religions have been corrupted. If like me you cannot relate to any of them then that is why. You see through to the manipulations and masquerade underneath the pleasant words. The teachings have been altered to suite the requirements of our overlords. They want to generate fear. In Christianity humans are seen as weak sinners but in reality we are Divine beings and are being sinned against. That is the standard 180 degree flip that is used to reverse the way that we think. It is uncomfortable. On the one hand they say God is love but if you do something wrong then they say you get punished. That is fear based coercion not harmony or Divine justice. The same applies to karma. Every truth has been tweaked to mean its exact opposite.

They have taken the original magnificent teachings and turned them around. The churches have been responsible for a great deal of suffering. Not because the religion is bad but because the teachings have been distorted. People in the churches have suffered needlessness trying to deny their very nature.

I am saying this in simple language but there is far more to it. The control is very clever. However it has a weakness. It is rigid and has no creativity, doesn’t like or respond well to change. Like the controlling faction they are cut off from source and that is where all creativity comes from. They are predictable and cling to repetitious ritual. They don’t have answers just stale rhetoric. The trouble is that there are very many good people involved and they are caught by the web of lies. It is mainly corrupted at the top but it does percolate down. The recent scandals within the Roman Catholic church are an indicator that things are changing, silence is no longer an option.

This does not mean that your religion is without merit but there is more to the story than blind faith. If this makes you uncomfortable then talk directly to the founder of your religion. I always go to the top when I want answers.


I am not a passive person I am hands on. In my first a channeling session I had no idea what was going on because nobody bothered to tell me. I was just asked along. I went to see the being being channeled and had no interest in the channelers who were two grossly overweight American ladies who said they came from Venus and were Sai Baba devotees. No one explained what to do I just did it. I am like that.

I couldn’t see why I needed a go between especially ones I didn’t particularly like. The being who was being channeled had a thread that connected him to the channel. I  followed it. He was a bit surprised but he didn’t have anything for me. I was disappointed and left.

There are no ascended masters on surface Earth at the moment. Channels are only as good as the channeler. They are vulnerable and often attacked and interfered with. They can be taken over and subtle distortions creep in. I don’t hold them in high regard. I want my knowledge first hand. They are useful in certain situations but I mostly ignore them and their messages. You want to talk with Sananda or Lady Nada do it direct. You don’t need permission, bug them until they answer. They are pure love and if your request is genuine they will always help.

When I first went to Sedona I think it was Melchizedek who appeared in front of me. The Being certainly looks like the pictures I have seen of him. I have spoken with Sananda  worked with Merlin sometimes. Metatron assisted me and I am in tune with his Magenta Ray. We can all have these experiences. It is only necessary to be open. When the huge change happens they will be coming amongst us more openly, probably on TV, they are going to instruct us and give us a history lesson.

Above our local spiritual hierarchy and working with them are many other powerful beings. We have the attention of most of our universe. We are at the centre of where the action is. The mechanics of the transformation process is a big undo. There is plenty to remove.

The World restored not destroyed

The physical rebuild was started or went up a gear in the early nineteen seventies. It has taken a while but is going well which is partly why things are changing now. I had a small role in it. As I have said the physical structure of our planet was damaged at the end of the Atlantian era. It has been repaired, repaired and enhanced by the same beings who made it in the first place. The beings are known as the Elohim.

They are the creator gods who are responsible for creating everything. The do so as requested and instructed by the highest being of them all. This is difficult territory for most people. I wont dwell on it but mention it as more background information. The Elohim have repaired our Earth but are still working as far as I know. There are many things to fix including some of the other planets. Mars, Venus and what is at present the asteroid belt will all be habitable water worlds like the Earth. We will migrate to all of them. That is plenty of room, we can spread out.

Before I get into what is coming lets look more closely at what has been our situation. The environment we came into when we were born has been adjusted to prevent us using the majority of our abilities. We have almost infinite potential. I can tap into some of mine occasionally and it’s awesome. We can all do almost anything.

As I have said we or some of our bodies were altered and access to our full potential was limited by the late Atlantians. They wanted to create a slave race for the negative entities to control. It didn’t work very well because we have huge potential. The conditioning kept breaking down.

We have been wiped out several times. These events are revealed in the strata of the rocks. Floods, huge volcanic disasters were not always natural but a means of culling our ancestors. One faction of the minions of the control group decided that needed doing again now. We have been targeted by all sorts of foul play. This includes vaccines which are used to spread diseases and sterilise, GM foods which damage the environment and us, chem trails all the yucky stuff which has poisoned our environment. None of it has worked but there is a huge mess to clean up. Once we have the ruling elite out of the way we will be given access to technology that can do it easily and efficiently. The galactics have some very cool tricks.

Prison Planet

The largest component of our cell, is the veil. It cuts us off from our memory which is not in our brain which is just local storage, a RAM chip. When we incarnated here we each took on certain restrictions. One of them is that we forget who we are. We all have implants which reduce us and prevent us from remembering. The veil is a structure but is not physical, at least not recognisably so, it is part of the plasma field around our planet. It is also a creature, a live being, an intelligent fractal octopus that some people call Yaldabaoth. I have seen it I think four times now.  I saw it long before I heard what it was and had no idea at the time.

My first encounter was just after I had a large implant taken off my back. It was a fractal part of this octopus. Shortly afterwards I saw it and it saw me. We eyeballed each other. I wasn’t taken by that experience. I did not like his presence. He lives in an alternate plasma dimension which surrounds us. He is pretty vast and very black but he is being removed at the moment. His influence is fading. He put his attention on me recently and appeared in a dream. I hardly recognised him, there is only his head and that is disintegrating.

There are three main implants we receive but they can all be removed. They tend to grow back which is how they are designed but as you go up in awareness you will eventually vibrate beyond them. I still attract plenty of other interference and if you become troublesome so will you. You get used to it. It’s nothing like as bad as it was but mortality is still precarious. There are many other more physical controls, radiated at us and and in our food and even in the air we breath. Things are being done about these hazards and Earth is being cleaned up. Take a Geiger counter to Fuchishima and the radiation level is normal. The Galatics have cleaned it up. Fear is the control remember and that is why there is so much reporting about the radiation pouring out of Fuchishima. There are plenty of physical constraints still operating at every level. They wont be removed until the control system is dismantled. Fortunately that wont be long.

Galactic Citizenship

Personally I could handle going from were I am to living as a galactic citizen with technology that removes any need to use any of our planets resources. It feels quite normal, I remember it but I understand that not everyone is able to be that flexible. A slower easier path has been worked out and is being implemented. We are near the tipping point when the old world we have lived in is literally falling apart.

The elite have had their resources curtailed and they will shortly be cut off. Without funding most of what they do will stop. It is very expensive to bribe or threaten everybody important. Some of these groups are opportunists and will swap sides. Others are not capable of doing that. Their make up has no emotional body and they are not evolved enough to reason. They do as they are told by their masters.

Money is a focus and is one thing that is relatively easy to change because it is a fiction. Implementing change has been very difficult because the opposition has been relentless, devious and down right bloody minded. They break every agreement that they ever make. The old elite don’t like loosing and wont let go of control. They have lost but fight every step of the way and delay and delay and delay. They are going to be arrested and removed to get them out of the way. That has already started but everything takes much longer than anticipated.

It is not easy mainly because we are being held hostage. There are many hi tech bombs rigged to go off if the ruling elite are interfered with. There are or have been many others from the different star nations held against their will as hostages. The galatics can’t just dive in with their superior technology because they hold all life sacred. They are busy clearing these dangers away first. That is nearly done. The new world we are entering is going to be created in stages, the first stage is to change money.

Finance is rigged, it was designed that way. It was altered even more out of our favour at the end of the second world war.


Let me digress and talk about war. War is used as a way to make money. It has many purposes. Primarily it is divisive and creates negative energies. Nobody sane wants a war because nobody wins, except perhaps the bankers and the arms suppliers. It is also a bountiful food supply for negative energy feeders. It is lucrative for them.

There are many ways to resolve differences, war is not one of them. The propaganda machine had glorified it and you were in the minority if you spoke against it. Can you see now the role that the sixties generation had. They came here and ripped the conventional world apart. It changed. People thought that war was necessary because you were fighting to prevent something. Not so. It supplies the controlling faction with everything that they want. They see it as a positive thing. A third world war would save their hides but that ain’t going to happen. People have become aware of their deceptions and no longer fall for them. The group consciousness of our planet has risen and wont stand for it.

Money Games

Changing the value of money is another technique they use. When you just get comfortable and are getting by they suddenly reset the value and you loose everything sometimes over night. Crashes are good for their business not yours. It’s a game of snakes with no ladders.

So how is it going to be fixed?

I wont go into many details that would take too long but the basic change is going to be the opposite of a crash. Your value is going to be increased. Money is going to be tied to a fixed value, in this case precious metals. This process is often referred to as the revaluation or reval or in american RV. The value will stay static and that removes inflation. No more snakes.

All countries including the third and now forth world countries will have equal status – no more have and have nots. In addition huge funds are going to be released, and we’re talking multiple trillions of dollars all backed by precious metals. These funds will be used to fix anything that needs fixing right down to the individual level. That means you.

You should no longer need to earn a living. There is talk of a fixed income for everyone, giving everyone enough to live on. You have been ripped off all your life by taxes. These will be repaid. I could go on but I don’t want to belabour this too much. It is only a temporary fix. A half way process, we will eventually get rid of money. Technology will remove the need for practically everything you buy.

New Technology

There is technology already working and available that can remove the need for most of our problems. It has been kept from us deliberately. Any new inventions that threatened the established system have been seized, its inventor silenced and often killed.

I know from personal experience that technology is available that can do wonderful things. In 2001 we were developing a system that could deliver CD quality music, DVD quality live video and a shopping system to 3G mobile phones anywhere on the planet using just two masts, one in each hemisphere. We were even negotiating to buy one in Russia. Why all the mobile phone masts then? They are totally unnecessary for communication but do other very harmful things at the same time. The latest greatest domestic computers are only 64 bit, they are relatively very slow. We needed a military license to import our servers but were programming the hardware for 256 bit. The difference is exponential. You don’t really need to understand that difference but that we were using massively more powerful machines. The banks used similar systems but that was many years ago. What is available now probably far exceeds what we had but domestic users are still using very outdated 64 bit machines. Our project was blocked by the money men. They wanted to retain full control and you are now seeing a very watered down version of what we developed in the streaming technologies we all use today.

AC power is delivered very crudely and is dissonant and damaging. At the moment there are two types of delivery one at 50 hertz or cycles per second and the other at 60. The natural frequency is somewhere in the middle. It could be harmonize with our environment to enhance it but is deliberately out by a little in two directions. So called free energy devices will remove not just the need for energy but also change the type of electricity we use. Even the harmful effects of EMF or magnetic field created can be removed. No more pollution at any level.

Probably the largest change will be caused by another clever bit of technology. It is perhaps my favourite, the replicator and before you throw you hands in the air, the inner circle of the elite already have them and have used them for a long time. On its own it will remove the need for transport, storage, refuse, agriculture, manufacturing to name just a few. We wont need to recycle. The food it can produce is also highly nutritious and is all absorbed. Think about it no waste, no sewage.

You can see now why I say that money will disappear. Most of our environmental problems will just disappear too. They should never have been allowed to happen in the first place. It has been intentional. There are plenty more devices, over five thousand in fact but I think that is enough to be going on with.

How will that leave us?

I have tried living off the land. It’s bloody hard work. It was fun but I was never much good at it. Fortunately it is also totally unnecessary. The most important thing we have to do is to fix our planet. We will be given the means to do that and it is our responsibility. We don’t need anything of the Earth, we don’t need to conserve. We only need to steward the land. To take care of her and remove all the harm that has been done, Nature will come back.

Most of us will be looking for new occupations. The creatives will suddenly be in demand. Creativity is always useful, you can’t replicate it.

We will all need re-educating, we need to understand how we were manipulated and what happened to us. We will also need to learn how to use our new toys which don’t have buttons, they are thought controlled. Doing that will also expand our awareness. There is a plan. We each have a personal mentor, a galactic who will help us through the process. We aren’t just staying as we are; the plan is that we all ascend. We all become Ascended Masters a whole planet load of us.

None of this will take very long and is not way in the future, it is imminent. It could happen at any time. The initial stages have already begun. If you look around you at how the world is behaving you can clearly see that we are in the middle of huge transformation. The old systems are breaking down. People can no longer be fooled and will no longer tolerate the abuse they have taken for years. They’ve had enough.

One of the reasons I have written all this down is to inform and prepare people for what is coming. I have known about it for twenty years or more and it has slowly started to happen exactly as I was told it would. It has taken longer than anticipated but it is happening. We are in the middle of massive changes. We are sometimes in the old world, sometimes in the next. Things will gradually become clearer as the changes manifests. The thing to remember is that we are all going to be fine, actually a lot more than fine. There is an event which will change our reality for ever. This video explains more.




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