Whales travel to the stars

We recently had a huge whale stranding in Golden Bay where I live. It’s an emotive issue we naturally feel for the whales and people rush to help them. In this particular incident over 500 people joined in but only 6o odd out of the 190 or so pilot whales were ‘rescued’. The whales often swim back if they are re-floated and people don’t understand why but I think I do.

There is a suspicion that under water high frequency sounds used by a near by oil exploration platform may have interfered and caused the whales navigation problems but I don’t think so. I don’t like the oil companies, we certainly don’t need them but they are not to blame.

I have written about this subject before see Compassion is allowing. It is worth reading first if you haven’t already done so. I said then that the whales open up a stargate and move to an alternative dimension. That may not be rational or reasonable but this time I have some proof.

Let’s first look at the timing. It was a full moon. There was also a huge fireball that flew across the bay and landed in the area the day before. Now that may have been a coincidence but I don’t believe in them. The place the whales chose is also very special. This is a sacred geometric space. It is at a node on the dual Golden Phi Ratio Spiral, described as a focal fractal zoom ‘Wormhole’.

Just a few days after the stranding there was a strange weather phenomena that was so unusual that Ben Davidson mentioned it on his daily weather report.  He said ‘I don’t think I have seen that configuration before’.

There were two concentric circles of wind blowing in opposite direction and focused on the area. Golden Bay is at the top west (left) of the south island.

Unfortunately the video has been removed but here is a snapshot I took from it. This is only a static image and while it shows the phenomena it doesn’t do it justice. The outer circle was rotating anti clockwise and the inner one was going clockwise. This is exactly what I do when I open a particular type of portal. A travel portal. I don’t know its full function but the whales opened an enormous star gate to travel to somewhere. It is uncomfortable for people to see the bodies they left behind, perhaps that is because we have limited understanding. We should be in awe of these magnificent Beings and what they can do.

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