Fiction becomes reality

I write from my own pure awareness. I do so innocently and without premeditation. I try not to get in the way. This has a very powerful effect. The stories that I write have caused me to evolve as a person as I am writing them but they will also trigger this process in anyone who reads them too. I wrote the first book more than ten years ago. It took four years before I was even allowed to publish it.

The change you experience can be intense but you will only change as much as you allow or are ready to change. You may experience them just as a novel that you read enjoy or not and then forget or they may have a profound effect on you. That is up to you. You need to be ready for the information. The information is not cerebral and requires no understanding. You feel it.

I have experienced the books prophetic nature and have lived through most of the experiences that I have described mostly long after writing them. It has been quite interesting watching how they unfold.

To give you a simple example; in my first book I started to write about a water mill and very shortly found myself living in one. This was not something I even realised at the time. I was much too busy. It is only in hindsight that I noticed what had happened. The people around me now and the way I live is very similar to my books. I have manifested them into my existence.

Thought, word and deed are very closely related. We literally create our lives. We can all manifest our heart’s desire. The love I feel for all creation and what I am writing about is an expression of all that is. It makes the process effortless. It also gives me access to otherwise inaccessible information. Things pop into my awareness as I write. They come from the source of all that is – because I am open. You can do that too.

I write without fear and there is no fear in my books. I have no reason to stimulate it. It is not who we are. That in itself is well worth knowing.

We are in a period of transformation, a period of great change. This can be uncomfortable. I have written books that should help make you feel more comfortable, feel being the operative word. How you feel is very important. It is the most influential part of our awareness and dictates if we are happy or not. If you are unhappy with any part of your life you can trigger a change with the right stimulus. This is what they can provide.

Sometimes we need to feel an example in order to understand what is missing from our lives. We cannot manifest something that we don’t even know about. Look at Star Trek for instance. In the first series from 1966 they had portable communicators and automatic doors something we now know and use every day. They were in our collective consciousness and had to appear. Transporters, replicators and all the other things they have will be next….

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