You Are World Peace

There is so much chaos around the world but it is only apparent chaos. None of it is real. The surface value of who we are is being thrown around and diverted from the source of All that Is within Us.

At the heart of it all there is nothing but Love. That is how it has always been. We have chosen to decouple from it in order to learn what that was like. We are now ready to link back up again and take that knowledge with us.

All actions external to us are are of no significance. It is our own personal journey that contains our power and we are very powerful Beings. Nothing can stand against us. All wars, all disruption are just distortions of the Love we Are. They are creases in the fabric and will slip away to nothing with a particular focus.

It has to start with you.

The first thing required is to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself everything. Nothing you have done is important or heinous enough that it cannot be forgiven. Let go of the responsibility.

You no longer need to carry it.
Let go of all your karma, previous actions what ever you want to call it.

You only have a responsibility to your Self the highest good of All.

Take a deep breath in and as you breath out let everything go….

Once you have forgiven your Self it is very easy to forgive everyone else no matter what they have done. The past has gone let it go. Don’t hang on to it.

When you do this there is no need for retribution, no accounting for misdeeds. What you do for you is passed along to others. It allows you to relax and assist anyone who hasn’t come to this point yet.

The peace you find within your Self becomes magnified exponentially. It only takes a few of us to effect everybody. We have Won.

We are One.

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